Where is Syncro Live and is it going away?

Splashtop has replaced Syncro Live as the primary remote desktop client. However, Syncro Live will still be there and you can still use it; it is not going away. It is now part of Backgrounding Tools.

If you would like to use Syncro Live, you can access any of the tools by clicking the Backgrounding Tools drop down inside an asset.
Backgrounding Tools button


To remotely access assets using Remote Desktop rather than Splashtop, you can do that from the main Backgrounding Tools window. The Remote Desktop function is installed with the Syncro agent and does not require a separate install.

First, click the Backgrounding Tools button:

Backgrounding Tools button

Then in the left nav, click Remote Desktop:

Remote Desktop link


Last I heard they plan to keep it around indefinitely. I doubt it’ll receive any development love, but it should keep kicking for the foreseeable future.

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Confirmed, they announced due to demand they will keep it around as the orphan child.

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