Mac Agent Update (1.0.409)

Hey everyone, we have released an update to our new Mac agent.

The primary updates are bug fixes relating to general permissions issues on certain versions of macOS, as well as some Splashtop-specific permissions issues as well. If after your agents update you are still seeing any permissions-related issues, please open a ticket with support. Thanks.

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Hey Andy,
Thanks for the update. Is there anything we can do to force the update? I am currently having issues to where SyncroAgent has the appropriate permissions in Security & Privacy, but still doesn’t acknowledge it. Thanks.

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An update button would be handy to have, especially in case where it’s not updating for w/e reason and syncs aren’t happening, etc.


If it never fully installed then yeah it won’t update. I would try uninstalling and reinstalling with the updated agent and let me know if that works.

As far as I can tell the agent was successful. It reports back as 1.0.409 in the dashboard.

Then it should be installed and updated. You are still having issues manually assigning permissions after the update?

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Correct, it won’t let me manually assign the permissions, it doesn’t acknowledge when I set the permissions

If you have a ticket open can you please send me the ticket number?

Sure, Ticket # Is 89210

Can you try this please? Can you please run this command:

sudo ccutil reset SystemPolicyAllFiles org.syncromsp && sudo syncro restart

Then try to add full disk permissions again and let me know the results.

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Sure thing, I will coordinate with end user to get this done.

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Hey Andy,

I am getting command not found when trying to execute it.

“sudo: ccutil: command not found” is the result. I currently have access for a few more minutes.

Try tccutil. A Guide to Catalina’s Privacy Protection: 4 tccutil – The Eclectic Light Company

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Thanks Jimmie,

This time the error is "No suck Bundle indentifier “org.syncromsp”: The operation couldn’t be completed. (OSSTatus error -10814.)

Sorry, my Mac skills aren’t great, so I’ll have to call @Andy back in.

I wonder if it needs to include the app name, such as

org.syncromsp.syncrodesktop ?

Good callout. On the site I linked, it does list tccutil reset All com.vendor.appname, so the full appname needs to be after SystemPolicyAllFiles

For some reason or another the developers decided that the “CFBundleIdentifier” should be “com.syncromsp” … ¯\(ツ)/¯ … It’s a pretty interesting choice and I’d love to hear the product/dev team’s logic for it, but in the long run it doesn’t matter all that much as long as they use “com.syncromsp.backgroundtool” or whatever for any other binaries.

Just need’s the app’s CFBundleIdentifier … You can find the BundleIdentifier for an app by looking at its Info.plist in the .app bundle

in this case …

defaults read "/Library/Application Support/SyncroMSP/" CFBundleIdentifier

generically …

defaults read "/PATH/TO/" CFBundleIdentifier

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it’s “com.syncromsp” not “org.syncromsp” …

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