Issues with full disk access when installing Mac Agent

I am trying to install the agent on a mac running Big Sur. I am having trouble with the Full Disk Access permission. I have checked the box next to SyncroMSP under Full disk Access but Syncro says it is not enabled. Has anybody else run into this issue?

We have done a few Big Sur and a few Monterey in the last couple weeks with no issues at all. It’s a bit clunky sometimes to add the permissions when that Syncro window is open, but I attribute that to our (relative) newness with Mac

I’m having the same issue on Catalina. The same issue with Syncro client and Splashtop.

Update: it may have something to do specifically with Catalina/Big Sur or the Mac version. The issue occurred on an old 2012 Mac with Catalina. No issues on a newer 2019 Monterey laptop

Hi All,
If you are still experiencing this issue, please send us more details by creating a Support ticket with the asset name and a screenshot of the permissions.