Mac Agent not working after time machine restore onto a new computer

Has anyone ran into an issue where you restored a time machine backup to a new iMac and the customer still want to use the old one as well. But when you try to add the new one to syncro it ends up replacing the old MacBook in the asset list. I’ve tried delete the asset from syncro, I also removed syncro from both computers, waiting 12 hours for syncro to ”resync”. I created a new customer just to put the macbook on to try to separate the accounts and the macbook does not show up after installing the agent on the new account. I’ve literally spent over 3 hours trying to fix this issue and it is very irritating. Does anyone know where the syncro data is stored apple machines? Or does anyone have any advice to fix this issue?

UUIDs are the same. There’s a page for Windows, but don’t see a mac utility

Thanks but I am looking for the mac version. I’m hoping someone from synro can help ASAP. I have to deliver these computer in about an hour and putting syncro on them is taking longer than the whole setup

I tried, there’s a KB on here about UUID, the same article I sent you, and was just told to contact support :(. All the mac stuff should be in the folders, so if you clear all the folders, that should wipe out the UUID, but if you tried that, then I’m of no use lol.

I’d recommend removing the agent with this command: sudo syncro uninstall

The files are kept in /Library/Application Support/Syncro. I would also trash those files too before attempting a reinstall.