Uninstall batch file

Is there a new uninstall script other than the one from Install a Syncro Agent on a Device

1- Imaged a client machine (has all programs/Syncro/etc)
2- Restored the image to new hardware (not connected to the internet)
3- Removed Syncro/Splashtop/Bitdefender/ScreenConnect etc
4- Ran uninstall syncro script to make sure nothing was left over
5- renamed the machine to something new
6- Connect to internet (first time connecting after all of the above completed)
7- Install syncro agent- it does NOT create a new asset in Syncro but it does fully complete successfully
8- It now shows up as a random asset (overwriting and existing asset) and if we complete this process on a whole other new hardware (with new name) it overwrites again so newasset1 is now newasset2 in syncro…

So we’re missing something here- anyone have some tips on how to image a production unit / remove all the system specific items / rename / install as a new syncro asset? Maybe our uninstaller script is out of date?

Hi Mark, you’ll probably want the UUID uninstaller, the one in that article does not affect the UUID. Syncro will remember to some extent assets which used to be in the system. So if you reimagined that’s likely what is going on.

This is what I needed! Learned something new today. Should this replace the existing script that uninstalls everything or used only in the case of UUID (ie imaged system)?
Thanks again

Only for a reimaged system, or you’re having trouble putting Syncro on to a system that has had it before. In all other cases, you can use the regular uninstaller.

Hi sounds like my issue too. We had syncro agent on a previously domain connected PC. It was removed by deleting asset and months later we need to install the agent and it is not showing as pending in our dashboard. I tried the vanilla uninstall bat but no joy. Can we have a link for the UUID uninstaller please?