Fix Mac duplicates after a Time Machine clone

Is there a Mac method to fix duplicates after a Time Machine clone?

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Hi Jimmie,

You may find these two articles to be of help.

Someone had a similar question and figured out how to fix it. Here is the poster’s question:
“Has anyone ran into an issue where you restore a time machine backup to a new iMac and the customer still wants to use the old one as well? But when you try to add the new one to Syncro it ends up replacing the old MacBook in the asset list. I’ve tried deleting the asset from Syncro, taking Syncro from both computers, waiting 12 hours for Syncro to resync. Does anyone know where the Syncro data is store in Apple machines?”

And their solution: “Fixed it! I used Mackeeper to find leftover files, restarted the computer, installed her computer under a new customer profile and it worked.”

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Had this same issue after doing a “Migration Assistant” copy to a new Mac. Found out that if you delete the file /Library/Preferences/com.syncromsp.plist file that that solves in. Inside that file is the UUID used for the asset. So delete the file then reinstall the syncro agent to have it recreated with another UUID

this worked for me but i skipped the migration assistant part. key is to delete the .plist file