Hope you weren't trying to onboard anyone in the last hour or so

Installed Syncro on a bunch of endpoints on a new client, and lo and behold, Syncro only showed up the asset approval but didn’t actually attach them. Love wasting time!

Could have been related to the notice they sent out, Issues with RMM Functionality - Status Page - Syncro

Yup, was after the install. Love wasting time.

For clarity, are you saying they were added to the asset approval section and not as actual Syncro devices in the platform? If so, what happened when you approved them?

Yes, they went to the asset approval section, where I approved them. Then they went nowhere; nothing happened. They are no longer in the asset approval screen. They are not in the list for the Assets for the Customer, they are not searchable by name.

Ok I’d reach out to support if you haven’t already so they can dig into what’s going on.

I did that first, they told me about the outage. They said we will have to go back on-site and re-install.

Raising this internally, but yes it sounds like the outage caused an issue here, unfortunately.