Mac support remote access trouble with new MacBook pro

Has anyone run into an issue with remote access to a Mac? I am trying to access some MacBook Pro with the new M1 chip, and even after I have the Permission set I am still getting and error ( see photo )

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I do not believe the 'Mac" Intel or M1 portion of SplashTop has made it into the Mac agent yet. SyncroMSP recently announced it was coming however.

They were hoping to get it out before end of year, but it does not look like it made it unfortunately.

Hi @anon85989146

This has since been resolved. Here is the step-by-step just in case you need a quick reference!

How do I get the Tray Icon to show on a Mac? Trying to ‘Set Splashtop Permissions’

Yeah, I have all the Permissions enabled, but I still get the OP’s message above. I know this is due to a Mac design philosophy, but I wish Syncro could help us resolve it. Having to research how to use remote access when a client needs help doesn’t make us look very competent. Yeah, not a Mac expert, but gee…

You need to add permissions for “Splashtop for RMM” for three different settings on the Mac:
Full Disk Access
Screen Sharing

NOTE: in the Screen Sharing setting, ALSO add Splashtop Streamer to the permissions!! (Not in the KB)