Mac Agent - Features or Alternatives

I just closed a deal with a client that has mostly Mac’s. High on the list of wants/needs are SMART monitoring (seems like the agent does this), and 3rd party Patch Management (Seems like a no).

So questions are, is there any chance of 3rd Party Patch in the near future?

If not, what do you guys recommend that has those features? Looking at Mosyle (has a free tier for less than 30 devices), SimpleMDM, and Addigy.

I only need about 20 licenses to start with so it has to be something that scales down to 20 or so.

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I think I have tested mot of the major ones, JAMF, Meraki, Addigy, Mostly, etc. We now use Addigy for all our Mac MSP clients and SyncroMSP for all our PCs and the Macs NOT in MSP contracts. Addigy works great, no complaints. Does the job very well and quite happy with it at much lower price point than JAMF.

Would be happy to chat offline.


From what I can see addigy is $6 us per device per month. That is expensive relative to the other 2 I mentioned that are $1-3 a month

Are the extra features in addigy worth the extra cost? Is there a minimum that you need to have?