Its here - html is here!?!?!


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Double Yay!!
Double Yay!!

Embedded images even! Whooot!

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Love it :smiley: now only if we could edit past comments ;)))

To bad we can’t use it for canned responses. That would make it useful. My canned responses no longer works.


I was just popping in to also Include that this broke Canned Responses.

My current workaround is to refresh the page to force that " Restore previously entered information?"
message at the top to show up then pressing restore populates the text field with the canned response.

Dev team May need to compare that code to the other and see why its working one way but not the other.

Is there an official place to report this?

I got it to work that way. thanks

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Interesting… Did you try selecting the desired canned response, then refreshing ?

Because I noticed when you select the canned response the character count at the bottom of the text field increases so that’s what lead me to try refreshing and coming up with that work around.