Community-Driven Development Track Feature Update

We’ve got another fast turnaround on a QOL feature coming out of our Community-Driven Development Track! We’ve turned the “Quantity” column in the Software Inventory Report into a link that navigates to a filtered list of Assets that have the software in question installed.

This winning submission comes from Jeremy McMahan. Thanks, Jeremy, for the great suggestion, and congratulations!

Thanks again to everyone for your continued participation in our CDDT program!

Here is a quick video of this in action: Software Inventory Report Links - YouTube


Also, for folks that were having issues with certain notifications appearing with items out of order, this was resolved today as well.

or the dev team
whoever wants to take the credit, i don’t even care
thank you

The last update I had on my ticket for this was 2 days ago saying devs know and there is a KB and then today I received a feedback email but I received no communication why it was closed. I double checked the portal to make sure I just didn’t miss the communication. Glad to see it fixed!

Thank @jeremy, it’s his request! We were just happy to be able to deliver that one for him.

I just played with it a bit. Fantastic implementation. Thanks to you and your team for implementing this. Next CVE on version ##.##.### of such-and-such, easy scope. Love it!

Glad it met the need!

Save that CVE one for next month’s open submissions :).

I like your idea, but what I meant was if there’s a CVE published for a software version with a vulnerability, we can now easily find a list of assets that need an update or remediation. We can even run a script against the list of assets from one place.

Perhaps it’s a happy accident, but since removing “customer_id=########&” from the resulting URL and hitting Enter to load the page again removes the single-customer filter, it’s pretty easy to get a list of assets across all customers that might have, oh, say Wireshark version installed.

Bla I misunderstood.

Oh I didn’t actually know that about kicking the customer from the URL. Then we should just make it so that if you don’t enter a customer it searches all yeah? Basically don’t make customer mandatory?


Holy ****! This makes that report soooooooo much more useful! Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!

Thanks Jeremy and the 100s of others that asked for it! SUPER helpful change!

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The software report is now useful. Very good and thankyou.

However this still feels half baked.
The resultant Asset list that is displayed has no context around it,
such as Titles for the report explaining what the list is for.

Assets that are installed with

Why does it need a title telling you what you just clicked on?

In the Software Inventory report? Yeah, I suppose that would work… If it’s being tweaked anyway, how about allowing either a single customer or a Saved Customer Search to be selected. I imagine being able to search on “Break Fix” clients, or “Full Services” clients, etc. being a huge time saver in certain circumstances.

Wow, seriously? that is the first question that comes to mind.
Not sure how to respond.
Syncro is the only system I’ve ever obtained lists on, and the context isn’t displayed.
Like when you click Additional Assets on the Customer screen.
I find the entire loss of context is quite jarring.

I see what you mean… If you’re popping open a few tabs with different filters it might be handy to easily see which is which.

It’s not easy to read, but at least it’s embedded in the URL.


Nor does that scale well.

try looking at that on a mobile or tablet, or small screen laptop

Then on a PC try exporting the data to a csv file.
Or printing, or anything to store the list to refer to later, or to send the list to someone.

Yeah that’s even better. Ok I will monitor for this and see who else asks for it, but that’s a good amount of value right there no doubt.

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This is definitely great to have, it would be an even more powerful report if the Software Inventory report could be ran for all customers though, so we could get a list across the entire fleet and not have to do it on a per-customer level. Editing the URL only works to remove the customer_id from the asset search that it takes you to, you can’t unfortunately remove the single customer option from the report or it just gives back no data.

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Yeah I agree. I think this would be a really good suggestion for the next Community-Driven Development Track.