Vulnerable Systems Report Update

We’ve added the ability to use a Saved Asset Search in the Vulnerable Systems Report, making it easier to focus on your highest priority endpoints as needed.


What is a “stale asset” as defined by the “Ignore stale assets” option? I ask because when I enable this option it hides ALL assets… even ones that are currently online!

It’s defined by you in the textbox next to that dropdown.

lol wow. I probably shouldn’t admit I actually searched in Settings & the knowledge base before posting this question. :face_with_peeking_eye: Dumb questions are sometimes remembered best so I suppose I should be happy I won’t soon forget this. :joy:

On a separate note, is there any chance the addition of the Saved Asset Search means we’ll be getting the Presence Indicator and Quick Access icons back soon? That was really nice functionality.

Hah np.

Yeah we’re going to bring it back soon but no eta specifically on that yet.

@Andy I was excited to see that the RMM: Vulnerable Systems Report not loading as expected when hundreds of assets are included Known Issue got moved to the “Resolved” category today!

But nothing has changed as best I can tell… The Presence Indicator and Quick Access icons are still missing… I even tried loading the page in an incognito browser to rule out browser caching.

Has it not fully rolled back out yet and I’ll see it in the next day or two or was this marked resolved prematurely?

I think that’s a different issue that hasn’t been fully resolved yet.

There wasn’t a problem with the Vulnerable Systems Report until the Presence Indicator and Quick Access icons were added and at that point it became slow to load. As noted right in the known issue, the workaround was to disable the Presence Indicator and Quick Access icons temporarily while the issue could be looked into.

Marking the issue as resolved feels like dev is trying to just pretend the bug didn’t exist by removing the feature that triggered the bug. Am I wrong? If not, it would be really nice to get the Known Issue reopened so the actual issue doesn’t get marked as resolved internally and we lose the functionality forever.

Got it. I will try to find out.

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