Asset pending reboot

one of my assets running the latest windows 11 with all the patches including the last recent patch keeps showing as pending reboot even though I have rebooted it from the Syncro dashboard more than 3 times. Any idea how to fix this? I have force Sync asset data too.

Can you go to the asset record and in the actions menu run the asset sync? Then wait maybe 5 minutes for that to complete and let me know if that resolves it. The Pending Reboot doesn’t update in real time, but forcing the asset to sync will.

I already forced Asset sync couple hours ago when you suggested in FB page. Still showing pending reboot after forced asset sync and 1hr has been lapsed since forced asset sync.

Ok, then please open a ticket so we can have our support team dig into that for you.

Will do.
Is the support login the same with my Syncro login ?

Might be different. I would just email that’s the easiest way.

This is happening on nearly all of the Windows 11 machines…really quite frustrating as now many PCs across different customers are in Pending Reboot, on top of this “NO” other updates can be applied.

I sent an email to and they send back a message saying they will look at it “sometime” (not very committed) and then proceed to tell me the best way is to ask in these forums.

Honestly, I have over 50x Windows 11 machines all with the exact same issue with a number of different customers now…it’s one thing seeing a frustraing “Pending Reboot” status, it’s a show stopper if I am unable to install new updates (which is the case at the moment).

I may be forced to move from SyncroMSP.

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