Searching for assets

Two things.

First of all, when searching for assets in the top toolbar search box you no longer can hit return to open a page to match all the search results. Has been broken for a while; needs to be fixed ASAP!

When searching in the very same toolbar now, once the asset is being shown and once you click on the remote access icon it returns 404 error. Needs to be fixed ASAP!

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Another post for the 404 error.

We have one DC that when we search by name it pulls up workstations but not that asset, so before we could hit enter and find it in the list, but one of the UI updates broke that, so it’s a pain. They know about it, Bobby said they were looking at it.

Seriously, this shouldn’t be difficult thing to fix. And it’s a huge pain when trying to search for something.

This was already resolved. Are you still seeing issues here with the quick remote access icon?