Assets Duplicated or Reporting Incorrectly

When an agent gets installed on a cloned endpoint, it will appear in the Asset list as the original Asset.

  • You may see duplicate Assets in Syncro.
  • Assets not reporting in with correct system information.


When the Syncro agent gets uninstalled from an endpoint, we leave behind a Syncro UUID so that if you reinstall the agent, we know this device previously had an agent and it can check into Syncro and access the historical data. If you had installed the agent on a machine, removed the agent and then took an image of that machine, that machine’s UUID will be in the image. So when a cloned Asset gets a new agent is installed on it, the Syncro UUID is still present from the master, and the most recent install is simply overwriting the existing one.


Uninstall the Syncro Agent on cloned machines with our UUID Uninstaller.

To avoid this in the future, you may want to create a new master image where the agent had never been installed or was uninstalled with our UUID Uninstaller.

Another option is that you can add the UUID uninstaller to your deployment before the agent install.

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This is not working for me.
Even tried to run the tool 34 times with a reboot each time, but still leaves the same issue

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can i ask why 34 haha

Obviously, its the common rule of 34’s you find all over the internet.

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