Triggering an email on Warranty Expiration does Not Work as Advertised

We’ve set up a mailing campaign in accordance to the related help article however, this feature outright does not function as advertised. Our company gave up on this feature for some time, but we’ve returned to the idea and after investigating this again, I think I see why this feature does not work. Custom Customer searches do not update if they’re not manually looked at. We have an entire swath of custom searches that we use to just glance at numbers for an idea of for example, how many Windows users we have vs Mac OS users and I realized that these numbers don’t actually update until the search was actually clicked on.

Is there any reason that we can’t set an email schedule directly on a warranty template? For our purposes, we’re using warranties to keep track of annual subscriptions and we’d like to be able to send emails before and on the day of expiration.