Contact Custom Field - Mailer send

So I’d like to be able to send specific service related emails or for example, price increase notifications to my main points of contacts at my RMM customers. So I created a contact customer checkbox to say on each customer that that contact is the main person to email.

When I go to mailer though, I need to be able to select those contacts as the recipients which I cannot do because there is no CONTACT specific filtering options on the customer search thing.

So I’m probably trying to do it wrong, please can anyone explain how they do this?

Hey @alex

There needs to be a customer search created that the mailing campaign points to. Head over to your main Customers tab and select this button to bring out the saved search menu:

From there you can make a new search that filters based on the checkbox.

Hey @Frank - thanks, I see that option, but the custom field contact checkbox I made doesn’t appear in the search options. It only shows customer level custom fields not contact level ones (and the customer ones are empty). Any ideas?

I don’t think you can search that deep on contact. I believe this needs to be a customer custom field then you can control who gets marketing emails on the individual contact. I agree that’s gonna make you do more work to select who gets the emails but this is what we have for now.

Unless someone can show me I’m wrong?

I would love this ability as well, to create a saved search that allows you to choose items at the CONTACTS level rather than the Customer level.

Hi @alex

Please feel free to post this request over here: Feature Requests & Suggestions - Syncro Support Community. These are reviewed regularly and it also allows for more users to engage and up-vote.