Dell Warranty Script

Has anyone been able to get the Dell Warranty script in the community portal working? I decided to give it a try so I applied for a Dell Techdirect account, then applied for the API.

I just tried the script this morning and it is reporting that the URL is no good. Does anyone have any updated information that might work?

Did you also apply for the API keys? Maybe this will help, it also tells you how to download the docs which would have the most current URL.

There are two, make sure you have the newer v5 one from 2020. If that’s not it maybe look at Kelvin’s instead GitHub - KelvinTegelaar/PowerShellWarrantyReports: a repo dedicated to automatic warranty reporting and retrieval from different systems such as IT-Glue, Connectwise, Autotask, and N-central.

Ok I see that now.

Sorry if this is a dumb question, but where do I get an Oauth2 token from? I am guessing that is something that allows the script to “login” to my Dell account, but I can’t find that option in the TechDirect portal

I downloaded he SDK package from the API portal, which has a PDF that outlines Oauth2 setup.

In the PDF it has a link to a site where I am supposed to go to setup my Client ID and CLient secret.

Of course those are dead links. I wonder if anyone has had any success getting this setup lately