Advanced Mailer Topic - Notify on warranty creation and expiration

You may have goals such as:

  1. Sell a customer something, and then email right away automatically
  2. Sell a customer something, and send a special type of email to just those customers
  3. Sell a customer something, and have an email get sent some period of time later, like a year

Maybe you sell a customer an item or service that needs maintenance annually and you wanted to send them a reminder to bring their device back to you. GREAT customer service :slight_smile:

Suppose you want to send a thank you note to anyone the day after they purchase an antivirus subscription. Here is one way to accomplish this.

Add new warranty template

  1. Navigate to Admin > Inventory - Warranty Templates.
  2. In the upper right, click New Warranty Template.
  3. Fill in the details, with Term months of 12.
  4. Click Create Warranty template.

Add warranty to an inventory item

  1. Click the Inventory tab.
  2. In the upper right, click New Item (or edit an existing antivirus product).
  3. Fill in the details.
  4. Click the Warranty template dropdown and select the warranty template you added above.
  5. Click Create Product.

Add item with the warranty to invoice

Note: We are putting this step here to have something to test. You can do this now or when you actually sell the item.

  1. Click the Invoices tab.
  2. In the upper right, click New Invoice .
  3. Select a customer and click Create Invoice .
  4. Add the antivirus product you added above.
  5. If you scroll to the very bottom, you will the added Warranty Information with the expiration date.
  6. Near the top, click Take Payment and finish the process.

Create a saved customer search

  1. Navigate to the Customers tab.
  2. On the far left, click the magnifying glass icon.
  3. Click New Search.
  4. Give it a name in the Search Name field, such as “SSL Renews in one week”
  5. Check the Customer Warranty Expiration box.
  6. Enter the number of Weeks in which it will expire (53 in our case).
  7. Check the Customer Warranty Name box.
  8. Click the is radio button, click the dropdown that appears and select the name of the warranty you added (“One Year SSL Renewals” in our example).
  9. Click Save.
  10. Close the search panel—click the X in the upper right.
  11. You will now see a list of all customers who match the criteria you selected, which gives you an idea if your parameters are correct.

Create Mailer campaign

  1. Navigate to the Mailer tab.
  2. Inside the Custom Campaign box, click Start.
  3. Give it a Mail Campaign Name, such as “SSL Renewal in one week”.
  4. Click the Automatic Triggered Mailing radio button.
  5. In the Trigger Mailing When field, enter 357. This will send out the mailer 357 days (51 weeks) after the invoice is paid.
  6. Click the Saved Customer Search dropdown and check the box of the saved search you created above.
  7. Give an Email Subject.
  8. Create your Email Body.
  9. When finished, click Create Mailing.

That campaign will fire off once a day to anyone who meets the criteria, and it will only email them once.

If you want to remind them shortly after the item is purchased to make them aware of the annual renewal, you would create another saved search similar to before but with the Customer Warranty Expiration set to 53 weeks, then create another Custom Campaign where you select that new saved search and set the Trigger Mailing When to 1 day.