Broadcast message to past due accounts

I deal with residential customers and it appears most of them are not getting their invoices because they use Gmail and they are going in the Promotions folder and no one apparently checks that location.

I have ended up creating a broadcast message script to send their pc’s when I find these situations.

How can I automate this? I basically want to say, any customer with a past due that is a residential customer should have a script run that broadcasts a message to their pc.

Is this possible?

That sounds interesting, but one being a billing issue and the other being an RMM function, I don’t think Syncro has thought of bridging that gap. There are no invoice automations, and their script module does not have any billing functions. The best thing I can think of would be to flag accounts using a custom asset field and use saved asset searches.

That’s what I am working on creating now, the correct process. How would you recommend flagging the customer?

This is where it has a gap in stuff. Syncro has a Scripting enabled/disabled spot on the customer that was designed for disabling scripts when accounts are past due. The problem is, you can’t act on that field anywhere else and no filter on the customer page to only show those accounts. So you can create a custom asset field to set if someone is past due. Then use that in the saved asset search to filter and only show those assets. Sucks it all has to be done at the asset layer and not at the customer layer. The Aging Invoice report can help you identify, but there’s still a lot of clicks everywhere to get a resemblance of what you want to achieve.

I agree. Those 2 layers are not connected. I just want to get paid for my past dues, and I think notifying the customer outside of email is the first step. I haven’t looked into Mailer yet so I don’t know if it is capable there.

Account info is not even exposed in saved asset searches. Customer saved searches can’t see this either.

Correct, that’s why you would have to use a customer asset field on the asset to filter using saved asset searches.

Mailer would let you email all customers, or via customer saved search/asset saved search, but then you’re still stuck with email. Depending on how it’s filtering the messages maybe it would go to the right inbox though.

If you wanted to automate things, the closest you could get is to remind all residential customers- it wouldn’t have a way to automatically detect who’s past due. Or via Jimmie’s suggestion which would be a few more steps.

That would be a great feature request though, really a whole contracts system with reminders would be great.

There’s no way to automate this at all with the current system.

Jimmie suggested to update a custom asset field for who is past due, but to update that field, I would have to be able to search for customers that had a balance. There is no search criteria in the saved asset search for accounting or billing.

Yeah, it would be manual for that part, having a way to bridge those areas would be nice.