Renewals of non-hardware assets such as software license, domain names and SSL certificates

As part of our Vendor management role, we are tasked to remind customer to renew these non-hardware assets.

  • software license
  • SSL certificates
  • domain name registrations

We do not sell these to customers, but it was a basic function of our previous ConnectWise PSA, so is it possible to customise a report that can read DATE fields then trigger a report based on a condition?


This would be very handy for us too, did you manage to figure this out?

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Hey Garry, sadly Syncro support said the could not run a report that can read date fields.

Everyone else told me to go to Hudu, which is a pain to have to add another platform to what is such a basic features on previous PSA we’ve used in the past.

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Thanks for the update, would reoccurring tickets not work in this case?

We haven’t fully moved over just yet but what was you reason to move over from ConnectWise? And has it been worthwhile?

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For this type of thing, I do scheduled tickets. They kind of suck because once you create them, you can’t edit them, but at least it generates that ticket later.

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Our firm is evolving and we are making more money consulting rather than re-selling products, especially since customers are getting bigger so we are supporting their internal IT staff. These big companies buy direct because they can, so we barely sell computers or M365 mailboxes.

  1. This meant we only need to track basic tickets
  2. Customers invoiced once monthly
  3. RMM is cheaper because we don’t have to pay for more endpoints (approx 700)

We are happy with Syncro and despite it’s imperfections, our previous Kaseya + ConnectWise were also imperfect but cost a lot more.

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There’s a way to send out automated emails a set time after an item is purchased. This method uses a combination of Warranties and Mailer. Here is the article that goes through it step-by-step:

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