Cloudradial and syncro?

Anyone seeing great value in using cloudradial and syncro?

Not exactly an answer to your question, but I did finally find a workable solution to not getting Syncro updates when a client replied to a ticket using CloudRadial.

I added a Ticket Automation that I named Customer Reply Notification which fires off an email and both Slack and Teams webhooks any time a ticket is in the “Customer Reply” status. I now get notified when the CloudRadial updates the ticket status using the Syncro API.

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CR is pretty awesome.

im using Cloud Radial and it does make a prettier customer interface and showing KB articles, The end points are viewable in there.

Im about to switch it over to Invarosoft as we use both and they have release a heap of great addons so makes sense to centralise them. Both solid products

Perhaps this is a dumb question.

Isn’t cloudradial an RMM/PSA too?

Why use syncro and CR at same time?

Cloud Radial taps into Syncro or other RMMs.

It has a prettier customer portal which also has

  • knowledgebase area
  • application / Website portal
  • Courses

Then has the agent part which displays machine information.
It also connects to Office365, Skykick 365 Backups and Datto Backups. I think there other intergrations.

Then where it gets really good is Quarterly Business Reviews and shows analytics and compliance.

I was using cloud radial but switched to Invarosoft as i like their Desktop App way better.

So its not an RMM or PSA it is used to enhance those