To Syncro Support: Stop saying 'I think...', 'I believe...', etc

Often when I call Syncro support with a question I get something like ‘I believe it works like …’, or ‘To my knowledge it won’t do …’, and I absolutely hate it. I’m not calling to find out how someone thinks it works, I’m calling to find out exactly how it works. When someone tells me ‘I’m pretty sure you can’t do that…’, and it’s left just hanging there like that, what am I to do? Language like that is just short of being told ‘maybe’, and then I have to figure out how to nudge them into spending time to get me a definitive answer without me coming across like an a.s.s., so I can know for sure how something works so I can move on with whatever it is I’m trying to do.

When we onboard a new tech we tell them specifically not to use language like that unless it’s unavoidable, i.e. our understanding is that a vendor is working on improving some aspect of the software but there’s no way for us to know for sure.

If I catch one of our techs using language like that I inform them that they need to reach out to others in the office or otherwise do some research so they can give the client a better answer than that, and I would greatly appreciate it if Syncro’s techs would do the same.

This being said, let me also say that I’m finding Syncro support to be greatly improved under the new management. Response times are much better and the support we receive is generally higher quality than it has been at any point in the past for us, and I do want to express my appreciation for that.

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Hey Keith,

Do you have an example of when you asked about something and didn’t receive a straight answer? Or even if you could send me the ticket number of where this occurred? I’d like to escalate it on my end.

I am glad to hear how your Support experience has improved overall.

Thanks Andy. My comment isn’t regarding any ticket in particular, just the general experience I’ve had when calling in over the years including somewhat recently, and I don’t currently have an unresolved issue. I intentionally put some time between the last occurrence and this post in an effort to not get anyone in particular in trouble since my post isn’t in reference to anyone in particular; it’s been a lot of different Syncro support folks over the years. It’s just something that has bothered me every time it’s happened and I finally got around to posting about it.

I don’t think people I’ve talked to have been intentionally trying to not help, I just feel like it’s happened enough that there isn’t a clear policy for people to go the extra distance to get the completely straight answer sometimes. Besides that everyone has generally been friendly and nice to work with so I’m not looking to get anyone in trouble, just bring up an opportunity for improvement.

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