Support 25x5

In the How to Request Support topic pinned at the top, what is 25X5 support? Is this akin to Spinal Tap’s amp that goes to 11?

Yeah, I saw that in the blurb at the bottom of the support emails too. It’s enough places it seems like it was on purpose. I figured there were one of two explanations, its either like you said the app that goes to 11, OR, their support lives in some alternate reality and that is the explanation for why it takes 2-5 days for ticket first touch.

Definitely intentional. It’s like that Beatles song.

“I ain’t got nothing but love, babe. Eight days a week.”

Edit: This was not intentional no, just a typo. It has been corrected to 24x5 in the FAQ.

Things like this in a business don’t make you look clever/hip/fun they make you look dumb, IMO.

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I agree. It’s cool with your friends, but super annoying and childish coming from a business.

This kind of stuff is peppered all throughout the documentation too, and it’s dumb.

Just commenting with a bit of fun, this was already corrected in the FAQ. I forwarded the request for a correction on the email.

Agree with the others.
For people at Syncro that know all the ins and outs the humor might seem like a good idea but for those of us that have 1000 other things that we need to take care of and need clear and concise documentation attempt at humor are just a bad idea at best

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I will relay all your feedback to the documentation team, that’s valid- thank you for bringing it up.