Syncro.Service.Runner.exe hangs on start - Windows 7

I have a customer who has a couple Windows 7 machines which run unattended and supports a control system for commercial fuel pumps. The syncro agent recently started hanging when starting on both of these machines. I’ve added exceptions to the AV for syncro, syncroLive and Overmind start and run OK. I reinstalled the syncro agent and it came online breifly then got stuck in a “starting” status again. The Syncro.Service.Runner.exe is running as a process but the service status does not change and it does not check into the dashboard. The systems have been rebooted again but no change.

Has anyone else recently experienced a similar issue?

We also have the same issue on Windows 2021 R2. Can someone from Syncro Team share any insights about this issue ? Thank you .

I was able to get these working again by uninstalling the Agent, updating .NET to the latest version, reboot and reinstall the latest agent.

If you have trouble uninstalling the agent then you can use the uninstall script from this page: