Unable to install Agent

This is happening on all computers I have tried so far:
When installing via MSI I get the error ‘There is a problem with this windows installer package. The program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected…’
When installing using the EXE the error is ‘Error trying to creat device…’

I was running into this on a device yesterday. We ended up having a Windows machine that had major issues with the root certificate store. For Syncro specifically, the let’s encrypt root CA was not trusted by Windows, so it could not create a trusted TLS connection for the API calls.

Sounds like that was only 1 computer, mine is all.
How did you resolve it?

Check your DNS. Cloudflare DNS is blocking Syncro so you’ll see the error creating device because it can’t communicate back to Syncro.

@Andy If this turns out to be part of the CF issue, do you know if there has been any communication from Syncro to CF about this? It’s been months now since this first started. Further, is there a reason why the computer must online and able to talk to Syncro for the agent install? Syncro is the only RMM I’ve seen where you can’t install the agent offline.

Thanks Jimmie! It was a DNS issue. I use pfsense and and pfblocker which somewhere along the way may use some cloudflare dns. Anyway once I switched to for all the workstations the install went normally. Would be nice for potential customers like me who are on the trial, if this could be solved.

I don’t know on that part, but we don’t have a lot of reports of this and I do believe it’s been raised internally.

I don’t know the initial reason it was designed with an online requirement, but I don’t believe we’d ever change that now. That’s a fair amount of work for little upside.

lol I’ve seen and responded to a lot of reports of these. It’s when using CF DNS with filtering, not and is blocking Syncro. This started when the report of the hackers came out, so several months now. You guys usually stay on top of security and vendor issues, so surprised this one hasn’t been addressed.