Syncro Intermittent Issues

We are investigating intermittent issues with our Chat, Scripting, and other Agent features for Syncro Agents on Version 176. You can check the agent version under “Asset Information” on the Asset Detail page.

The issue is related to a library that we use to parse json called Newtonsoft.json. In Version 176 there was an update to Newtonsoft.json that has caused some json to be parsed incorrectly which is causing the intermittent failures you are seeing.

We apologize for this inconvenience and for not having a Status Page Message up sooner. We will be keeping the site up to date as we work through a fix and roll this out to the impacted agents. We will have a full root cause and postmortem after the issue is resolved.

You can follow the status site here:

Would love to see some kind of update button in the platform. Both previous RMMs we used, we had the ability to force an update or even reinstall with a push of a button. I have a lot of agents on 176, some on 177, and some on 178 even though the sync date is current. Performing a sync was what we were told in the past to do, but it doesn’t appear to be working properly. Further, there’s no mass sync button, so we’re stuck at the moment.

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Would have been nice to know in advance that a new Agent version was going to be released, and what the version changes are.
Then we would at least be on notice to be on the look out for odd behaviour.


@Andy @canden.hicks
The April release notes say the version is 173.
Apr 2023 Release Notes - Release Notes - Syncro Support Community (
This was 16 days ago.
@jimmy is reporting he is seeing version 178.

What is the need for 5 versions to be released in the last 16 days?
Why is there zero notifications of the problems in the agent that are requiring so many versions to be released in such a short time frame?

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At least could we get a script for the library to import please? That’d be nice until a button can get added to the page UI.

Also, there is a force sync script:
net stop syncro && net start syncro

Wonder if this triggers update? :thinking:

How can I suspend updates and apply them when I decide the time is right?
It seems when a new agent is deployed which can be at any hour of the day, Syncro immediately starts a full system scan, which triggers real-time virus scanning on every file it touches and negatively affects performance of older computers with large amounts of data on platter drives. For up to an hour they are almost inoperable due to 100% disk utilization. At least please consider pushing these puppies out after normal business working hours, say 8PM to 6AM?

If this is being considered, don’t forget to ensure to take into account all timezones.

You can go to an asset specifically and one of it’s menu options is to run a sync. You cannot so it on more than one at a time because they don’t want people abusing it,.

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I am seeing the same thing on 178. We have some new clients we’ve onboarded and chat basically isn’t working across the board.

Hi, Ive deployed some new systems today and scripts that normally run haven’t ran at all. Ive had to force them. Waiting till tomorrow to see if they run.

I’d reach out to support if you are sure it’s not a policy/config issue.

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Does sync button trigger update then I wonder…