Recent problems with installing agent?

So I know this is asked often, but any recent issues with installing agents in the past day or two? I tried on a brand new Windows 11 computer yesterday, and a Server 2012 R2 (fully patched + dotnet 4.8) machine today, both exe and msi. EXE flashes “installing application files” very quickly, then disappears and then does nothing else. MSI fails with an error about the installer, and to contact the package administrator. Not sure what the proper troubleshooting steps are besides check for updates and reboot.

I rebuilt a PC on Friday afternoon (Windows 10 Pro) - no issue with the agent.

Thanks. I’ll have to try and figure out what’s going on with these two machines. Haven’t tried any others yet.

No issues here either. Tried on some VMs

Have you got AV installed on the machines? Perhaps turn that off and try again.

The 11 machine had McAfee preinstalled… first thing I did was remove that. The 2012 R2 machine does not have anything on it. Trying some more today.

Hi @cto_frank, if you are still experiencing this issue I would recommend raising a ticket with support, I can then escalate and have them look at your Syncro instance to see what may be causing it. Let me know once the ticket is in.

Hey Canden, thanks for the reply. I did put a ticket in yesterday. So far no luck. Would appreciate anything you can do, thanks!

Thanks for this info, I will follow up with support.