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Syncro’s RMM works in-sync with the PSA to make your job delightful. Here we'll show you how the RMM works.

Core Functionality

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We'll go through each section and show you how they work in Syncro.

Assets and RMM List

To view all of your RMM devices, go to the "Assets and RMM" page.

Assets and RMM List

Here you'll see a list of all of your Assets. Syncro RMM Devices have their own type, and can be seen with a status indicator on the left-hand side. If you click the green circle, you'll see the following context menu where you can quickly access RMM functionality:

Asset context menu


Syncro Device Detail Page

If you click on any of the Syncro Devices in the Asset and RMM List, you'll be taken to the Device Detail page. This page includes 4 tabs at the top:

Overview Tab

The Overview Tab shows you System Information, information about the Customer, Notes, Recent Activity, and more.

Overview Tab

Monitoring Tab

The Monitoring Tab shows us the current status of Windows Updates, Monitoring Activity, and the current status of various triggers, such as:

  • Recent Blue Screens
  • Antivirus Installed
  • Hard Drive Fragmentation
  • Firewall Enabled
  • Recent Application Crashes
  • Free Hard Drive Space
  • Hard Drive SMART Failure
  • Device Manager Issues

Monitoring Tab

Antivirus Tab

The Antivirus Tab shows you the status of Managed Antivirus. When Managed Antivirus is enabled, Syncro ensures that the Antivirus is always installed, running, and up-to-date. Syncro also schedules regular scans, and pulls any logs resulting from those. If malware is found, it can give you a notification.

Antivirus Tab


Scripts Tab

With Syncro, you can easily run PowerShell and Batch Scripts, either immediately, or on a schedule. Once a script is done running, it will upload a log containing the output of the script.

Scripts Tab


Policies enable you to modify the settings for your Syncro RMM Devices, in bulk. To view your Policies, head over to the "Assets and RMM" page, and click the "Policies" link in the "View" dropdown.

View Policies

Here you can view all of your existing Policies:

Asset RMM Policies

Creating a New Policy

If you click the "New Policy" button, you will be taken to a page where you can create a new Policy.

Custom Scripting

Scripting enables you to perform tasks on a machine on either a one-off or scheduled basis. You can design your own Batch or PowerShell scripts easily in Syncro by heading over to the "Assets + RMM" page and selecting "Scripts" from the "View" dropdown.

View Scripts


Syncro Pricing

You can view Syncro pricing at If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch at