System Check Ping

Where is the documentation that further explains these settings in detail?

I have been trying to clear these alerts from a script. I cannot seem to find a match for the alert category. I have tried different variants of the alert details without success.

Similarly, on automated remediations, I cannot find a match for the alert category.

Does anyone know what to use to address these alerts from both a script and the automated remediations?

My ping test shows “System Check Trigger” on the Check Type on the Alert. Which should be the alert category, I don’t see it in the drop down, but you should be able to paste it in

When I make a script call to Close-Rmm-Alert -Category “System Check Trigger” it does not close the alert.

You’re right, I tried it as well and no dice and in usual Syncro fashion, it’s not documented anywhere. I had to go look up /rmm_alerts in the API to see that the trigger is actually “system_check_trigger”. I was able to close system_check_trigger and it worked :slight_smile:

Thanks Seth, that indeed worked. “system_check_trigger”

BTW, this seems to be case sensitive as well. I copied the alert category from the automated remediation dialog page and it did not work until I changed it to all lower case. This may help someone else or me again in the future LOL.

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