Email alert for System Check Ping Failure


I have a client who wants me to monitor up/downtime on their home router which is linked to their office network via PtP Radio on a rural property. The home router is on a separate subnet for which I can ping, and I don’t manage the PtP radios unfortunately.

I have a Syncro Asset configured on their office network sending a Ping via System Check to the home router.

I’d like to get an email when the ping fails. I’ve searched a bunch, and here is what I have come up so far for the Automated Remediation:

Conditions: Alert Body > Contains > “Alarm for trigger”

Customer > Is > [correct client]

Run Actions: Email technician (me)

Is this correct, and will this work how I intend? If not, please advise on how to properly set up this kind of alert and Automated Remediation.


This is basically correct. If you are currently getting Alerts for failed pings, you can “ingest” that alert into Automated Remediation by using the Alert Body from the Alert itself, and/or by using the “Trigger Category” as well. In this case, since your ping triggers get a custom name, it’s easier to work with the body in this instance. This is what an alert like this would look like:

So you could says:

Conditions: Alert Body > Contains > “Test Ping Trigger” (or whatever you named it)
Customer: Is > [client name]

Then the run actions can be whatever you want, including sending the email as you had it.

Let me know if you run into any issues with getting that to work as you’d expect.

Hi Andy,

Awesome! Thank you for the help.

Just to confirm I understand the setup correctly: The Alert Body > Contains > [Alert Name]

Should be whatever name I have given the System Check:


In this case, it would be: Alert Body > Contains > MV-Home-Router-Check
Customer > is > [client name]

Then run my preferred action, correct?

Thanks again!

Yes, correct. If for any reason it isn’t working you can go to your Alerts tab and open the alert that was actually generated and verify the data fields are coming through as you’d expect. Let me know once you have it working like you want.

Jumping back to this thread after a while to confirm the system check is working fabulously as described in my previous post.

Cheers! :beers:

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Ok that’s awesome! Glad you got it worked how you’d expect.