Alerts? and uptime monitor inaccurate

Hi, Ive just noticed the alerts I get from syncro have reduced, and I only seem to be getting offline alerts not the usual, cpu or memory or application crash alerts?, I know the policies have changed around recently would this have affected my alerting?? I didn’t change anything but do I need to change something to ensure they are alerting me? Perhaps the monitored devices have all stabilised but I am suspicious something is wrong…finally I noticed yesterday the time since last boot is inaccurate, its like the sync time from the client to syncro is reporting this incorrectly , a client had rebooted her pc at 14.05 and at 14.30ish it was still saying it hadn’t been restarted since Feb7th, I argued with her until I check it out via cmd line and she was right…is there a way to increase the frequency of this sync??today it is correct…thanks

no nothing should have changed in how things function, and the “Policy changes” were Nov-Dec time frame last year so you’d be missing alerts for quite a while.

To enable Policy inheritance, they basicly moved policies from applying to endpoints, to policies that apply to folders which can contain endpoints or other folders. So your customer that used to have a server policy and a workstation policy applied to assets now has a Root company folder with a server folder and a workstations folder under it with the policy applied. The folders would all just be named after the policy that is applied to them, so instead of Servers and Workstations the policies could just as easily have been Sales Team, and Accounting.

As far as missing alerting, I don’t really use CPU or Memory alerting so I wouldn’t have noticed those missing but you can double check your policy thresholds and run something like Prime95 or some Ram test suite to see if you can manually trip it. If the alerts are not firing definitely open a ticket.

As far as reboot details it seems pretty obvious that you’d make the Syncro Agent update boot time when the service starts, but that’s not how it works. There have been a lot of requests for some of those details to update faster or user activity to show real time etc but I don’t think I’ve heard anything about those being accepted onto the roadmap yet. There really isn’t anything you can do to set them to a faster refresh interval.

There are 2 or 3 sync schedules, so a few things will update every 2-3 hours but the Big sync only happens once ever 6 hours, which as far as I know is the slowest sync cycle Syncro has. There are some tricks some users have messed with like running a script that sets time forward more than 6 hours, and then sets it back. I’ve also heard assigning a contact to an asset triggers a Big sync, so if you need to refresh one asset you can in theory assign a different user, and then remove them or reassign the correct user. But those are all hacks that don’t scale.

Hi Gary, I am still getting these alerts in my system. When upgrading to policy inheritance there shouldn’t be any changes needed, but I would check the effective policy of the asset to make sure the settings/inheritance is applied correctly.

There is a small sync at 15mins, medium at 2 hours, and large at 6 hours. I don’t believe the reboot time updates right away so that may come through during the 2-hour sync.

If you can find any event logs where a PC had software crashes that the agent didn’t pick up on it that would be a good place to start.

Getting alerts fine here. I know there have been some odd issues with policies for certain accounts, so if you’re not able to get the alerts to trigger with some stress testing you may need to hit up support. The last reboot is updated only as part of the Full Sync which can take up to 6 hours to happen.