New Quality Of Life Feature Released

Hey everyone! We released a new QOL feature during our Ask Anything session today. For those of you not in attendance, it’s one several folks have been asking about for a while now. We’ve added the “Last Boot” time to the Overview tab of asset records.

This is now live on all Syncro accounts.


Great to see.

Some questions to confirm…

Is last boot time the last time the PC started after a shutdown/restart?
OR can it include the last time a PC woke up from sleep?

Is this Last boot data supported on Windows and Macs, or only on Windows?

Boot from reboot or boot from power off state. Waking up from sleep wouldn’t count as a boot. Should be supported on both I believe.


Sure beats having to run a Syncro script to extract this information.

You couldn’t calculate the number of days and display it beside or under??? :rofl:

Don’t be silly… They can’t convert invoices to with/without tax so I doubt days is going to work!