Square Payment systems

Hello, I was wondering if Syncro might sync up with square payment systems, As i own a actual debit machine with them with tap and visa and mastercard. I rather not move to another system like stripe or paypal as I have a good account with square payment.

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Been waiting on this feature for over a year. I wouldn’t expect it any time soon. The Syncro team seems to be focused on the RMM side of the platform and forgetting the bottom line of their actual service.

I would value this as an option. I have a square terminal also.

In Australia, WorldPay isn’t available. That leaves me with Paypal and Stripe as integration options for Syncro. Stripe won’t deal with companies providing remote support, and didn’t even bother answering my inquiry, so they’re no good. Not especially excited about using Paypal, so I’m left with no real option but to continue using Xero for fairly manual invoicing instead of Syncro.

Summary: The lack of a viable payment gateway for me severely degrades the value proposition from Syncro.

Added later: Stripe did get back to me. They said:

Based on a quick review of your business, we’ve determined that your business model might be included on our Restricted Business list, which would mean we can’t support it.

To help us determine if we can support your business, we recommend creating and activating your account now so that we can conduct a full review

Which sounds to me like “We don’t think we want you as a client, but we’d appreciate it if you would waste more time trying to find out.” :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Stripe would be a nice option. I have it linked into Invoice Ninja, It’s too bad Syncro could not link somehow with Invoice Ninja. Because Invoice Ninja links with Stripe perfectly.

Repairshopr used to have this feature, I don’t know why Syncro ditched that. It would be good if they offered more payment integration options.