Any solutions for these, or tips/traps for shifting invoicing master to Xero?

I’m looking at possibly moving my invoice delivery, reminders and payments to Xero instead of Syncro. As much as I don’t want to split my systems, the limitations of Syncro invoicing and the lack of attention to payment gateways has left me little choice. With the growth I’ve experienced, admin time has become a big problem so I am implementing every piece of automation in that area I can.

Now that Pax8 is in Australia, I’ve eaten margin losses on licenses to create automation between Pax8 license provisioning and Syncro billing. Spent all the time binding the products and clients, moved licensing from another supplier to Pax8, provisioned new services and it’s taken a LOT of hours but some issues have surfaced along the way.

I’m hoping I’m wrong about these and there are ways to get around it. Please tell me I’m wrroonnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg!!!

  • Unable to charge back credit card fees through Syncro and Stripe…wipes that. Xero can do this.
  • Worldpay wipes itself…
  • Bundles being unable to have a QTY greater than 1 on recuring invoices without becoming an abomination.
  • Lose Bundling benefits if I move to Xero invoicing so no point using bundles at all.
  • Syncro seems to cut off certain information when passing to Xero, I don’t have the exact fields with me right now, but I’ve seen it in multiple places. (Products List sync is 1)
  • As I can’t use bundling, as far as I can see I’m forced to decide between exposing individual pricing on products/services in bundles, using vague descriptions on products which creates internal issues and client questions, or losing internal sales reporting functionality.
  • Syncro Customer Portal becomes almost useless so I’ll probably turn it off and have to spend on CloudRadial.
  • Recurring invoices must be made in Xero due to issues with them in Syncro, this is the worst part and basically makes Contracts (which desperately need a revision) unusable too.

If I can get solutions to all these above, then Syncro billing stays, otherwise, I go to Xero and CloudRadial which I was really hoping not to do. Syncro’s All-In-One was such a huge drawcard when I invested in it initially.