New syncro user lost on taking ach payments

I am a new syncro user and i can type up invoices just fine in syncro and email them out.

What i can’t seem to figure out is a smooth process for my customers to pay their bill.

I was hoping i could type invoices in syncro, it would flow to xero bill customer they would pay and be good to go.

The issue comes when customers want to pay via ach. They click pay now. Then it wants them to login. This is a nice option, but customers should be able to simply click pay bill, input their bank info and move along.

Can anyone please share what you are doing to streamline the payment process for customers? I seem to keep hitting road blocks at every turn.

Thank you

This would have to be done via the ACH add-on. We were not able to get this to work with Stripe or any other payment gateway.

Hi Jony,

I apologize, is that ach addon the worldpay add-on? Do you have any specific instructions on how to do this?

Thank you

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Yes, you would have to have Worldpay as your gateway only. As I mentioned, we have tried this with Stripe, and while it is an option for billing it doesn’t appear to work

Hey Michael,
We use WorldPay and they are horrible as far as customer service goes. Syncro has some work to do to make this seamless as they have some pending fixes. I emailed Synco as well as making my Syncro representative aware of it but there has been no traction for some reason. This should be a priority to them as it involves us (MSP’s) successfully getting payment from our customers. Below you will find the email I sent to them that explains the issue, the problem it causes, and how they can fix it…

ATTENTION: Alyssa Egly

We have found a big problem with ACH payment processing.

ACH payments will NOT show as “Failed” and will transfer to QuickBooks even if the payment did not through and is showing a “Transaction Status” of “returned”.

There is no way for the MSP to know if they got paid unless they manually go to each payment and verify the “Transaction Status” is “settled”

In the payment there is a field “Transaction Status” that have the following stages and dispositions during the transaction life-cycle…

Stage 1) Pending -OR- Error
Stage 2) Originated
Stage 3) Settled -OR- Returned

Stage 1
“Pending” looks to be the status of a payment that has been successfully submitted with correct ACH information.

“Error” stops the process/stages and is (but may not be limited to) an indication that the ACH information is not correct (In Syncro this results in an orange “FAILED”).

Stage 2
“Originated” is typically shown within 24 hours (after Pending) and seems to indicate that the processor has requested funds.

Stage 3
“Settled” means the bank released the funds and the MSP will get the money.
“Returned” means the bank rejected the request.


  1. Use the “Transaction Status” field as a column in the “payments” section of Syncro (This will be an easy way to know where there are payment problems that need to be addressed with the customer)
  2. Do not let a payment be transferred to QuickBooks unless it has a “Transaction Status” of “settled” (This will avoid recording an inaccurate deposit amount).

Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can help in any way.


Jarrod Pittman
Bayotech, Inc.

I’m a new Syncro shop too- ACH seems to be a real bummer with this platform! I cant beleive Worldpay is the only option they have… I’ve taken to invoicing from Zoho billing until I can work something else out. I really dont want to mess with World Pay after all of the horror stories on here, facebook, the tech tribe, etc.

Same here - I’m a newer Syncro MSP and I use Square for payments, their fees are high, but they don’t cr*p on their customers. If you Google World Pay or look for comments here in the community, you’ll read endless horror stories so I decided I would not go down that road. Until/unless Syncro adds a more reputable processor, I’m sticking with Square and a manual process.