Worldpay Integration Issue Update

Our integration with the payment provider Worldpay is experiencing issues processing keyed-entry credit card payments. At this time, we cannot move forward on a resolution without the provider’s direct support.

Unfortunately, due to the availability of resources on the provider’s side, we do not expect to achieve a resolution until Tuesday, September 6th. We appreciate the challenge this poses to you, our partners, and have provided the following knowledgebase article to assist as a potential workaround; Workaround for keyed-in credit card payments in Worldpay

If anything changes between now and Tuesday, please look for updates on our status site.

For questions about Worldpay or Worldpay support, please contact Worldpay merchant support at tel:8008464472

For any additional questions or concerns regarding the platform or impact to your business, please reach out to us directly at

I wonder if this related to the 'IP Addresses to be replaced by URLs" notice they have been sending out and the changes they are, no doubt, making on their end for that change…


Please let this be the final nail for WorldPay as Syncro’s “preferred” payment processor. They really are garbage.

Ask me a about the time they sent ALL my personal and business PII AND banking account numbers though unencrypted email.

Then ask me about the time they did it again.

I’ve seen several vendors that integrate Worldpay - the answer I’ve always received from those vendors when I ask why they use such a crappy processor? The software developers make money from using dedicated / integrated payment processors and Worldpay does nice kickbacks… Now, I’m not a software dev on that side, so I cannot verify this… however this has been the answer 3 times so far.

Oh, I’m positive the reason Syncro “prefers” worldpay is some sort of kick back agreement. I’m just hope, hope, hoping that this type of failure will allow Syncro to do the best thing for their customers and pivot away from world pay.


I’ve been happy with, I just wish they’d fix the integration. Rates are cheaper than Stripe/Paypal/Square and API is easy. I’ll never understand releasing something, then walking away from it and leaving it gimped. Being able to receive payments is one of the top things any business must do efficiently.

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Check out the 32:00 mark in this video for Ian’s comment about payment processors.

Our team has verified with Worldpay that the issue is resolved and keyed-in payments are now working. If you are still experiencing issues please reach out to support.