Direct Debits with Stripe?

Hi all,

We currently have some clients that wish to setup direct debit payments (in the UK) and not use a credit or debit card.

Does anyone know how to get the payments to link to Syncro or how we can add a direct debit into Syncro if we setup the direct debit bank details in Stripe directly ?

Try GoCardless - we have found this to be the best provider of direct debit systems for small businesses.

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Hi @nick

Is there a way to integrate GoCardless into Syncro to link with payments etc?

GoCardless submits payments to your bank which you can sync with your accounting package (eg Quickbooks) which in turn can sync with Syncro. These will manually need to be allocated in Syncro if you invoice from Syncro, but easy enough to do as comes through in one report

I have asked Syncro for GoCardless integration but they have not got this on their roadmap! Its very sad we cannot have this in the UK.




@nick - Thanks for the information. But yes I completely agree, a direct intergration supported by Syncro for GoCardless in the UK would be a great feature.

I hope you are reading this Syncro Devs!