Location Based Taxes (QBO)

Former customer here in trial trying to leave Datto/Autotask and come back to Syncro. I’m struggling with QBO integration with sales tax. I use Location Based tax calcs in QBO. It doesn’t appear I can work around that with Syncro. I was hoping I could get past the integration step mapping the rates and have QBO add the tax when the invoice hits. Nope. I pay taxes to too many states and jurisdictions to map and adjust constantly. How are you all doing this? Maybe location Based calc is on the roadmap?

After hours of changing stuff and creating test invoices. I feel there is a bug in the integration that makes it work. I hope it is by design and doesn’t get fixed.

In QBO, create custom tax rates and set the customer to use the tax rate
In Syncro, create and map tax rates to the QBO custom rates and assign the customer to the tax rate

Here is the bug, when I create an invoice in Syncro, QBO still uses location based rules so even if I have the wrong % set on the tax rate, QBO still applies the correct tax. I assumed it was a bug in QBO at first until I created an invoice directly in QBO and it uses the custom tax rate I assigned.

I would still like to see an option for location based rates directly in Syncro. In the meantime, do not fix whatever makes this work.

I’m having a little trouble following, but my understanding is that you either have location-based sales tax on or off in QBO. If it’s on, Syncro’s sales tax settings are fairly irrelevant unless you are sending estimates directly out of Syncro to the client.

If you have location-based sales tax off in QBO, then you can do some of the mapping.

Does that make sense?

When I had location on in QBO, I wasn’t getting any tax applied at all. I just realized the customer I was testing on had no shipping address set. Seems like it is working as I was expecting now.

I don’t really care if tax is added in Syncro or not. I guess it would be nice if the amounts matched. If they don’t, does it affect the payment coming from QBO? IE, Syncro says the balance is $100.00 and QBO says $107.25. Customer pays $107.25 in QBO. Is it marked paid or is it an overpayment?

Ahhh, yes! The shipping address in QBO is always blank! Yes, me, too. I would have to copy and paste the address for each QBO invoice— I forgot.

For me in PA, it’s taxed by origin (my business address, not the customer’s address), so it doesn’t matter where I’m shipping. (I figured that out late).