UK VAT formatting and QBO issues

We have migrated over to the new UK VAT and have a couple of questions:

  1. Products no longer appear to have a VAT rate to select? We sell some products with a different VAT rate - how can we deal with these?

  2. Invoice template now has a VAT rate and VAT amount column, but they are empty - why is this?

  3. During migration - recurring template items that are based on a policy folder or an asset search are difficult to deal with as there is no function to change the price to a pre-vat amount without removing the item and adding it back in again. We don’t have our recurring items set to update their prices based on the product as some of our customers have custom pricing.

Hi Neil,

Please go to the top of this page and click Submit Support Ticket, then put your questions in an email so our support department can answer them.

At the moment, the new VAT system, whilst welcome, is causing us some real issues. Invoices are formatted incorrectly and the sync to QBO is creating a headache. Essentially invoices from Syncro to QBO is being sent over with no VAT (correct) but marked as including VAT, so the QBO invoice doesn’t match and I am having to manually change all invoices in QuickBooks.

The support rep you emailed will keep working with you on these issues.