Prices not updating in recurring invoices after VAT migration

I have done the migration and manually changed the prices in my products and services to excluding VAT. When I look at the reoccurring invoices with the " update prices if they change" ticked option some line items are not coming over excluding VAT. One line item specifically is £53 + VAT and is showing as £63.00 in the reoccurring invoice. I can remove it and add it each time and it does the same.

Please can you look at this urgently.

Hi Itaddicts! I have your recurring templates open- is there one that you’re referencing specifically that we can take a look at?

Hi, I found the issue. It was a vat inclusive price override in contracts module. All solved. Easy to miss that section.

Thanks for the response.

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Glad to hear all is well! If anything else pops up let us know, we’ll be monitoring the forum and ticket queue.

Request: Maybe have the recurring invoice pop up an error if there is a clash?

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