Two New QOL Features Are Now Live

We have just released two new quality of life features that we announced at our Ask Us Anything event today. Both came directly from our community, so excellent suggestions all around!

The first is removing the “Discounted by contract” text added to Invoice line items when their pricing is overridden by an existing contract.

For the second, we added the title to KBs in the Missing Patches by KB report.


The first is removing the “Discounted by contract” text added to Invoice line items when their pricing is overridden by an existing contract.

How will we know if a contract overrides a line item?
Will the line item update be reflected in the change history of the estimate/invoice?

Thanks for this one!!

The first is removing the “Discounted by contract” text added to Invoice line items when their pricing is overridden by an existing contract.

is this done automatically moving forward or is there an option to endable/disable that we need to configure?

It’s handled automatically so you don’t have to worry about disabling it.

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It’s not really a change history item. You are saying this is the price X customer is paying, and that’s the price they’ll get when invoiced. That’s different than applying a manual discount to an existing price as a one off.

The first is removing the “Discounted by contract” text added to Invoice line items when their pricing is overridden by an existing contract.

Great! This has been a pain for us for years, much appreciated.

Yes, but updating the line item with the ‘discount’ was lovely.

If it modified the line item to include the price override difference as a discount, that would benefit me.

Having the line item instead have a discount percentage or dollar amount would also be neat as it would show the end client their discounts on contracted pricing, reminding them of the value.

Also, having a totals line item that shows savings based on the summary of the discounts on the invoice would be neat too.

We appreciated the "Discounted by contract” because it let our clients know that the discount had been applied. This really needs to be a switch item and not a forced removal for all accounts.

I’m bummed this is gone. It reminded my customers when they got a better price because they are under contract. Can we toggle this on/off or are we stuck with this decision?

I don’t think this one is likely to return, but you should be able to add it to Invoice Memos if needed.

why was this even removed? seems like a low priority and takes away a good thing for some of us. putting a note manually in each invoice this affects is not practical. We produce over 400 invoices each month

I don’t understand why this was “mass removed” from the system as opposed to making it an option for people to leave it on, and I further don’t understand why this was even considered a QOL feature in the first place. I see value in letting my customers know that they received a discount because they have a contract with me. I do not appreciate losing this ability because someone didn’t like it. Clearly with the other replies you have gotten, others see the value as well.

Not a good move in my opinion. Very poorly done. Please bring this back and make it an option for those who don’t like it to turn it off.

It was one of our most requested things to remove from the platform for years. I’m seeing a decent number of folks asking for it so I will inquire internally about making it a toggle option at some point.

As for the invoice memos, it’s not practical for one-off invoices I agree, I was referring to recurring invoicing.

This isn’t really for Andy, he’s just the face that’s answering, lol. You know, with every thought and idea I have, I always state that flexibility is the most important part. Flexibility adds complexity, but a product that wants to do it all and do it well has to mature. That means the product must become more complex in order to progress. This is where documentation and onboarding, as well as best practices enabled during account creation comes in. The UI/UX color changes are a good example. You cannot please everyone aesthetically by forcing everyone to use the same color scheme. Pre-set themes are a quick and dirty way to appeal to most people, or break down the page into elements and allow full control of colors. Stuff like this has been available since the www has been around, so lots of code floating around.

For this one, how about a simple toggle on the contract line item override to enable it? Would suck to re-enable unless there’s a mass option, but is the most flexible.

We charge a monthly fee for certain things and that’s billed as recurring invoicing for our contract clients. If they request additional services, they are billed when they happen at a reduced rate because they are under contract. Even if I make an estimate for work to be done, they get to the see the reduction there, which I think helps close some deals!

Exactly this. It’s like built-in customer retention… I get “show your value,” but I like to show it on paper…

Thanks for adding the extra context here Tom!

I know… “You can’t please everyone.” :joy:

Personally, I’m happy for these changes. The “Discounted by contract” verbiage was confusing to many clients, especially in the beginning. It’s also helpful to have the KB Description.

Appreciate all you guys are doing!