New Platform Updates

We’ve got a decent number of miscellaneous updates rolling out today. These are live now, and you can see the updates in the associated video below:


All of these are perfect embodiments of “Quality of Life” updates. Thank you!


What did you guys change now that when I’m in my main ticket view, looking at open tickets, I used to be able to just click on the company name and it would open the ticket… NOW I have to click on the Subject, when I click on the Company, it just brings me to the Company Main Page.

I’ve been working here for almost 2 years, so of course I’m used to doing it the old way. Can you revert this??

You are commenting on the post that explains why they did this and that they did this. Go ahead and watch the video again. The video explains things.


You have to click the ticket number instead of the customer name. Clicking the company name sends you to the company page itself.

Hey there, so clicking the customer name always should have gone to the customer record. This was an error on our part that was resolved. I totally get some folks got used to clicking the customer to go into an associated record like a ticket, but that wasn’t the correct behavior.


OK so basically fixing a bug over 1 1/2 years old is why this function changed.

Basically, yeah. We more or less taught people to do it in a bad way and then fixed it. Not ideal, I understand.


in the 1:40 second Mark you have the ticket icon in red? HOW DID YOU DO THAT?

Some nice changes. Thank you :blush:

That’s for tickets that breached their given SLA.

Excellent updates and improvements. (The Script run change is an effective but simple solution to that problem!)

Thanks to the team!

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Great updates! I’m in WA state and never noticed that it was the default state on the client screen. LOL!

Haha I was waiting for someone to say this :).

As far as I can tell the Splashtop auto-reconnect functionality (which I would love to have) is not working.

Do I need to do something to make it work? The endpoint I tested with appears to have agent version installed which is dated the 9th of this month which would suggest it is bang up to date.

@Andy I also confirm this is not working. We are running splashtop streamer … Just ran a test and the device rebooted but never reconnected. Syncro live was up tho.

Is there a version we should be on?

I can confirm it’s working on my end. I’d try reinstalling the viewer (on the machine you are connecting from, not to). Just uninstall it and then when you go to connect to any machine it will prompt you to download it again.

@Andy - thanks, that sorted it straight away :metal:

Ok awesome, thanks for letting me know!

@ComputerDiva I’ve noticed the default before, but since I’m in WA too, I just figured it was defaulting to our state and everyone else got their own default!

(I will admit to a little snicker when watching your video @Andy at the mention of that one.)