Tax group is limited to 2 tax rates and I need 3

There is a problem with the sales tax rates in Syncro for the State of Oklahoma. This is an ongoing problem that I have complained about since I used RepairShopr and then migrated to Syncro.

The problem is that sales tax in the state of Oklahoma can have up to 3 components. They are:


Most locations just have two, usually County and State. But I’m setting up a new client in Blackwell Oklahoma and setting up the tax rate for them is giving me a problem because they have City, County and State. And all of those taxes have to be reported individually and correctly to the State of Oklahoma.

The way I have used tax rates in Syncro is to set up component tax rates for the separate entities and then another group tax rate that combines the component tax rates.

So I have already added the component tax rates for Blackwell OK and I need to setup a tax rate group to assign to the client.

Here is the problem. Syncro only allows me two tax components to add to the group. But I need three

I am required to collect sales tax based on the point of delivery or I would just use my own location which only needs two tax rates.

Has anyone else encountered this problem and if so, have you found a workaround?

Did you ever find a way to group more than 2 tax rates? I was looking at an address here in CO and i see some customer locations have as many as 5 potential taxabale rates, State, City, County, RDT(local transportation), Scientific facilities etc… I am new to syncro, and havent even created any tax rates in the system yet, just trying to understand the process in syncro when there are a handful of potential taxable rates for a location and its getting me anxious.