Bundles Limited to Qty. 1 on Recurring Invoices

I have created a bundle for my monthly managed services. The bundle includes a license to antiviral software (taxable), a license to the backup software we use (taxable), and the remaining portion is for our RMM service (non taxable).

Although these aren’t the prices we use, I put an example here:

Managed Server Bundle:
Product Name - Cost - Price - Taxable
Antivirus License - 1 - 5.00 - Y
Backup Software - 10 - 25.00 - Y
RMM Service - 0 - 70.00 - N

Total Bundle Cost = $11 (plus labor costs while resolving tickets that come in each month)
Total Bundle Price = $100

I created all of this just fine in SyncroMSP, and then I went to add this bundle to a monthly recurring invoice. Apparently bundle items can only be single quantity. Meaning, I have a client with 3 servers, so I can’t change quantity to 3.

Is there a setting that I can change that will allow bundle items to be invoiced with a quantity more than just one? Am I doing something wrong? I’m open to suggestions.