Splashtop feature improvements

It would be nice to be able to Show All Monitors in Multiple Windows. We would then be able to view all client monitors without switching back and forth.

It would also be nice to have a remote print feature from inside Splashtop


+1 for showing all monitors.

I expect Syncro are limited by what Splashtop provide in the RMM version of their software though. Last time I tested Atera, it uses the same Splashtop RMM service, and has the same short comings. I’m not sure what can be done by Syncro if Splashtop aren’t willing to implement the feature for RMM customers.


The remote print feature is already available with Ninja, Altera and Naverisk.

The multi-monitor option is available on splashtop streamer. Not sure what it would take to upgrade.

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This is for Splashtop Business, not Splashtop for RMM. If you integrate your Business subscription, you have remote print and multi-monitor as well.

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Also, all Splashtop improvements need to go through Splashtop. They handle the software 100%, Syncro can only suggest features to them.

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What @Jimmie said. Splashtop has a specific version for RMMs and new features/improvements would have to be requested on that side.

@Jimmie Thank you.

@Frank Thank you for the information, but If features/improvements need to be suggested to Splashtop, I would think that Syncro holds more weight with requests then someone who is not one of their customers.

@david4 While that’s logical, ST isn’t new to the RMM space, only to Syncro. These request have been made on other RMM platforms. My previous post was not to say that Syncro shouldn’t do everything they can to champion for us, it was to simply state that they don’t have any control over the feature set that ST provides. Truth of the matter is, until ST rethinks what their RMM tool is, it’s always going to be gimped. Instead of them thinking that they will gimp the RMM tool so that when people need features, they have to switch to the business app, improving sales, what they are really doing is the opposite. If I hadn’t already have had the business app and just used the RMM, I would never recommend it to anyone or purchase it for myself. I’ve seen lots of RMM only users say ST sucks, and they go and use something else like TV or CWC. It’s not even the features like multi-monitor missing that makes the RMM tool less than ideal, it’s some of the core features like reconnect on disconnect, and the shortened timeout when trying to connect to an asset, resulting in higher failure rates.

Yes to seeing both monitors.

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Yes, we continue to find more and more missing items that should not be missing when going from Ninja to Syncro and not having to pay for Clients to remote into their computer and yet having to pay, then to find this missing is not good. Ninja used TeamViewer which was bundled in along with Splashtop etc. It might just be me but I don’t see Syncro doing much to fix these and other simple issues. I understand SplashTop is a Bolt-On so then make the internal remote app have this feature. Also the change they did for the Policies, and not being to run specific reports, and no rich text or HTML… the list just keeps adding up…When will someone hear everyone’s voices?


I’ll add my 2cents worth. I utilize Splashtop from within Syncro because it’s simple. But so many times it doesn’t work or the two monitor issue frustrates me to no end. You would think Splashtop purposely makes windows always open on the opposite monitor. There are time I just install my other remote tool so I can just work. For something quick ST is OK but it sure doesn’t make me want to purchase a ST license. I would say 10-15% of the time I get a black screen when I connect. Or it says it can’t connect. The old Syncro viewer works just fine. Then there is the sound on. I connect to a customers computer and sound comes blasting out my speakers. The customer has muted their end but my end is on. I have tried to disable this in the Syncro agent on the workstation but it doesn’t work. It may after a restart but I need it stopped immediately. Why would you make sound play through in an RMM product. ???
The reconnect on reboot would be a very nice thing to have. My other product does that and makes it simple to reconnect. Not Syncro Splashtop RMM. I have to ask when the computer is up. Because the Syncro indicator takes much longer than it should to show and then I have to reconnect. This alone would steer me away from ST. These may be gripes to send to ST but Syncro is the integrator in this case they are utilizing ST and perhaps they need to look for a better solution. The idea of the Splashtop connection is great but the execution sucks.

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I run this on every asset so I never hear their sounds again.

I hate the current dual monitor and no-reconnect issues. It’s really a poor experience. Syncro needs to deal with this.

Import-Module $env:SyncroModule
## https://support-splashtopbusiness.splashtop.com/hc/en-us/articles/360030993692-What-are-the-Windows-Streamer-registry-settings-
set-itemproperty -Path HKLM:SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\"Splashtop Inc."\"Splashtop Remote Server"\ -Name "Automute" -value 2
Restart-Service SplashtopRemoteService

Only time this happens to me is when there’s no monitor connected.

The script above is correct and the URL takes you to the rest of the settings that you can use to makes some tweaks.

No such this, this is Splashtop for RMM, which is the same product integrated into the RMMs. All configs and such are set by Splashtop. There are some registry keys that can further configure that Syncro can utilize, but it’s easy enough for us to most of it.

Completely ST’s fault on most all gripes. A different solution would most likely require more $$$ from us, at that point, we can integrate one of the other solutions ourselves.

I have the SOS+ Unlimited license and it’s loads better than the RMM version. It does dual monitor, and reconnects after restart. Unfortunately, ST just chose to gimp the RMM product and tell everyone tough, use as is, or purchase the business license.

Great, is there a discount so we don’t end up paying twice for Splashtop? Once included in what we pay for the RMM and then to buy a version that is not gimped. /s

Syncro needs to throw some weight around or move on to something better.

The price increase wasn’t for adding ST, so ST didn’t cost us anything extra to add.

ST has been around in the RMM space for a while and with much bigger RMM companies. If they can’t make them change, then Syncro won’t be able to. This is a marketing strategy by ST, that makes no sense to me, it has the opposite effect from what they want it to do. Something better would be more $$$. Is that what you are proposing? At that point, we can just integrate ST Business, TV, or CWC and have the freedom to choose.

Agreed. But it wasn’t free for Syncro.

I had to step back a bit and rethink about this from a business perspective. The question is: Would I pay $399/yr for SOS Unlimited to handle dual screens and auto-reconnect? Plus the ability to connect outside of Syncro during an outage, dual techs connected and screen recording. YES. Time is my most precious resource. Better tools save me time. Thanks @Jimmie for the discussion.

Adhoc connections are good as well.

I have Splashtop SOS license as well. Not the unlimited one but if I knew it worked better, I might just pay for it. How to you make it work within syncro.

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