Something wrong with this forum

I saw the message that the other channels are closing, which means we will be spending a lot more time in this forum.

Does anyone else notice that when you use the back button to return to the list of topics, it scrolls you down a bit rather than taking you right back to where you were? Happens to me and it makes it harder to keep my place in the list when browsing topics.

If there is a fix I would love to know what it is.

Mine does that too. It always seems to jump down a few lines.

It usually returns you to the last place you left off when reading. So if you made it halfway through the responses, and you click on a page link that take you to a new page, when you return back to the forum post, it will take you down to last post you read.


But if I am just browsing the list, then click on a topic, read it, then press back on my browser, it takes me back to the list, but down a few scrolls. Most web pages will take you right back to the place you left off.

Well that’s annoying. If I had my guess, the categories at the top of the page are custom and may be throwing off where the page goes back to.

I’ll check the documation for the platform that hosts this forum, but there may not be a fix for this.

Well that is disappointing for sure especially with as heavy handed as @Frank is with removing/hiding posts.

No one is heavy-handed in removing/hiding posts. There are rules posted on this forum preventing the use of off-color remarks. Posts that include them are going to be removed, and this shouldn’t really be a surprise. If you have a post removed, simply create a new one without the offending remarks. If you find yourself unable to do that for some reason… then you won’t be welcome in our forums. I’d like to think everyone participating here is a professional, but in the off chance I am wrong, we’ll be ensuring this forum remains professional for the rest of our community.


Yeah, just doing quick tests - it looks like it drops down about this much every time you go backwards for me, as long as you were scrolled down partway (not scrolled all the way to the top)

Which is probably the web-browser scrolling down how far on the web-page it THOUGHT was the right amount, and then the Categories headers popping in underneath or something.

I usually scroll through the list of threads and Ctrl-Click and open 4 or 5 I want to look at into new tabs, or Shift-Click into a new Window, and close those tabs/window afterwards, so I don’t get caught by the Forward-Backward drop issue

I’ve usually seen it scroll when I go into a topic. Instead of letting me read the first post for it, it scrolls as if I’ve already read it. Is that something that can be fixed?

Same for me. Many times when I’m viewing a new post with only the initial comment, it will take me BELOW that post and I have to scroll up to even see it. Seems like a bug.

I’ve got no opinion on this topic, but didn’t see an area to test posts. I’m new here and want to see how they’re displayed.

When you type up your post it shows how it will be displayed on the right hand side

  • List item
  • More bullets



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