KB/Community Search

Is there an issue with searching here on the KB/community? I am asking because I have noticed lately that if I type in a search and hit the search button it doesn’t do anything but if I hit advanced search it runs.

Looks to be broke here too.

Hi @jcostlow,

The search is working for me now can you check and see if your still having issues?

Hey @canden.hicks unfortunately, I still can’t search. I even tried with edge since I don’t use it much and don’t have any plugins.

We see the same failure.

If you type in your search words, press enter twice, it will show all the results. It’s def a bug. If you look close, it looks like when you initially type a word or hit enter once, it’s trying to open a menu element that shows you quick results, but that fails to load or display, so pressing enter again triggers it to just load all results onto the page.

@Andy This should be an easy fix for someone I’d imagine.

Yeah I think they are tracking this one already.

Yes, the problem started a little over a week ago.
If you click the button with the three horizontal lines then you can search.