Problems using chat this morning

when chatting with a couple of different customers this morning we found that on the web platform (edge browser) while typing a message longer than 20 words and hit enter to send, the message got deleted and after that the remaining conversation were not also sent to my phone app in the chat dialog, it is an incomplete conversation missing some of my comments from the web console.
its happened twice this morning, never before.

Hi @HometechIT,

Have you submitted a ticket for this? If so, what is the assigned ticket number? I am looking into this issue.

Hi, to be honest the protocols have changed a few times in the last year and I don’t know what the proper method is to submit a ticket.
I went to the new forum and I looked around I didn’t see anything obvious that jumped out of me so I posted it on the first page.

Sorry, I’m in a little bit of a hurry this morning. I just had to leave the office to an emergency call.

Hi @HometechIT,

No need to apologize I understand. If you go to the top of the Syncro Support Community page, a button reads “Submit Support Ticket”. I feel like this issue may need a deeper look, and support will dive into it.

Thanks for that I appreciate it

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I can tell you that one of their responses would be that only Chrome is officially supported. If it still happens on Chrome, then you have a valid complaint :).