Chat History

We noticed over the past day or two that some chats are not going into the history for a customer of ours, we luckily have the chat link for one of them and they requested a transcript of the chat, but it did not show in their history for the customer whatsoever, is there a known issue with this or should I create a ticket?

Are you “Archiving” the chat? It stays as an active chat indefinitely unless you physically archive it, and only then will it show in the chat history tab of customer records.

Yeah, I’m doing end chat, these are not chats left open, I even have a closed chat that I have the link to from it creating the ticket and that chat doesn’t show up in the archive for that customer, but the link works.

Ok please open a ticket with support, especially for the one where the link works but it’s not showing in the archived chat history.

I’m having the same issue just now. Close chat deletes it from existence from what I can see. Did OP get a solution?

If you “End Chat” it doesn’t show up in the customer’s Archived Chats tab on their customer record?

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I do see it now, doh! Didn’t realize it was a separate tab and thought it would have just been under communications. Thanks for the help, Andy!

No problem man :). Glad you got that sorted.